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Meet the Team

Executive Director 

Felicity DiPette

Felicity DiPette graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a major in International Business and  Spanish and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. 


Following her bachelorette, she took up Virginia Tech’s motto Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) by serving on staff with VT Chi Alpha Campus Ministry for four years.


After her time at Virginia Tech, she managed the City Serve Food Distribution of Mountaintop Church from October 2020-April 2021. With around 30 organizational partners, Felicity oversaw the distribution of around 1,400 fresh boxes of produce to communities in need each week. The distribution efforts reached many communities in Northern Virginia.


On January 1st, 2021, Felicity began working with David Docusen and her current board members to form a nonprofit that goes beyond crisis response. They saw how COVID only highlighted the issues of poverty that had always been in Manassas City. After months of research, professional analysis, and taking the time to hear from the underserved community, Legacy Impact moved into its first initiative of English as a Second Language Classes. Felicity is committed to seeing Legacy Impact continue to grow to holistically invest in underserved families, collaborate with other organizations, and be a local nonprofit that truly celebrates and shows every individual we interact with that their life has immeasurable value!




I believe that God gives each of us unique resources, relationships, and expertise that we are to steward to help others.  One of the greatest ways to help others is by building environments where they can see a vision for bettering their lives and have opportunities to take action toward that vision. 

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I am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded community organizations and government to bring about holistic neighborhood transformation in the areas of education, housing, employment and health. 

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Legacy Impact is the start of a new way to connect and build stronger communities.


I believe being a part of Legacy Impact is a way to share my professional leadership experience and strategically engage to build stronger communities. I believe Legacy Impact will be a transformational catalyst that stimulates educational and training opportunity partnerships for all ages.


I have a passion for helping others to obtain the same lasting, life changing, opportunities that I have had. Through community education programs, real change can be made that will drive a reduction in poverty and a lasting legacy at the community level.

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