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Pillars of Impact: Employment

Teachers Assistant Position

In the summer of 2022, a dream was realized. It all started after class one day while we were chatting with students. As imaginations ran wild, ideas were shared, and passion for our community burst forth, a dream was born.


Our dream was to create a position where current higher level English students could work with Lead Teachers in beginner level English classes.


When we were awarded a grant from Sentara Healthcare to open our Teachers Assistant position, our dream became our reality. Together, we are moving forward to empower our community with new opportunities.  

Teacher in Classroom

Teachers Assistant

Our first Teachers Assistant, has been doing an incredible job! From helping us register students for classes to patiently working with students in the classroom! Her heart is to learn English and help others to do the same. We are so excited for her!

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Learning English

Learning a new language takes time. We are committed to invest in individuals while their English skills are progressing.

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Assisting Lead Teachers

Whether explaining a difficult word in a students native language or helping with homework, our TA is a hands-on helper in the classroom.

Working Together on Project

Making an Impact

ESL learners are able to uniquely encourage one another. There is something so powerful about being able to say, "I have been there too! You can do it!"

Collaborations for the Future

As members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, one of our goals is to collaborate with local business and create a flow of employment opportunities for those we work with, as well as fill workforce gaps in our community. As adult students progress in learning English, we are prepared to direct them to employment opportunities in the community. 

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