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Workshop Moments

Pillars of Impact:

Women Empowerment Workshops


Imagine yourself sitting down for coffee with a mom who is voicing her fears and lack of self-confidence. Yet she begins to share about her deep desire to better invest in herself so that she can better invest in her family. Imagine hearing story after story of health issues that are causing community members to end up in the ER and miss work and English classes. As you continue to listen, you begin to realize that many of those emergency visits occurred because preventative care wasn't an option or people weren't connected to the right resources. You begin to realize that even if mom becomes more confident in speaking English, she may still struggle with fears and a lack of confidence. 


In August of 2022, Legacy Impact began Women Empowerment Workshops to focus on mental and physical health in the community. Never before had something like this been done! Our first workshops focused on recognizing one's worth and value and addressing the reality that when we take a moment to care for ourselves, we can better care for others.

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Attendee Comment

"This brought clarity to things that I have been questioning!

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Kids Guided Art

As screens were put down and crayons picked up, we saw the creativity of these little ones blossom!

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Growing Forward

Our workshops have expanded to include nutrition, movement, self-defense, and so much more!

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You're Worth It

Don't forget to take a moment to invest in your overall health. When you do, you can better invest in your family. You are worth it!



Tangible Impact

"Over the weekend, I applied what I learned at the workshop! My family asked why we weren't going to fry all our food. I shared what I learned and how, as a family, we were making changes to what we eat."

- Participant Comment 

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Movement Matters

The latest Assessment of UVA Health shows that diabetes is the highest cause of mortality in Manassas, VA. So what's our response? Nutrition and movement workshops where we don't just talk about healthy lifestyle choices...we do it! From having healthy food options to spending part of our workshop moving, we are committed to creating opportunities of access that have not been there before.


A special thanks to our sponsors and facilitators

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