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Workshop Moments

Pillars of Impact:

Women Empowerment Workshops


Imagine hearing story after story of health issues that are causing community members to end up in the ER and miss work. As you continue to listen, you begin to realize that many of those emergency visits occurred because of barriers to preventative care, limited educational opportunities, or simply not being connected to the right resources. 


Legacy Impact hosts Women Empowerment Workshops in the Georgetown South Community Center. Each workshop focuses on creating a space for women to not only learn about better mental and

physical health practices, but also to experience them! From self-defense and nutrition to reducing stress through art, or learning about how to better connect with family in an age of technology,

each workshop is driven to invest in women so that they can better invest in their families.

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Impact Comment

"Now I know how to defend myself and my kids in case of an emergency."

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Impact Comment 

"I learned about the mental development of young children and how technology can affect that. I now feel like I can better support my children and connect with them."

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Impact Comment

"This means so much to me. These people have become a part of my community. I hope you do these for a very very long time!"

Family Wellness Workshops


As we offered more mental health workshops for women, we began to see and hear how it was affecting the whole family. In fact, Hard Business conducted a study in 2023 showing that mom's were reporting even higher rates of anxiety and depression than that of their teens. They noted the importance of addressing this not simply on the level of individuals. The mental health crisis is a family matter.  Thus, we have begun to address it in the context of family.

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Thank you to Sentara! Once a month, Legacy Impact hosts wellness workshops in the underprivileged neighborhood. Workshops look at mental health topics, focus on empowering parents, and create a safe place for support and community.

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"This changed my life for the better!"

Family Wellness Participant
"Please continue teaching these!"

Family Wellness Participant
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"This affected my life in a positive manner and I want to make changes in my life."

Family Wellness Participant

A special thanks to our sponsors and facilitators

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