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Pillars of Impact: Education

The Beginning

In mid-July of 2021, Legacy Impact began its first English as a Second Language class in an under-resourced community of Manassas City, Virginia. Our first adult class started with 20 students, but soon grew to 40 adult students with the addition of an evening class. At Legacy Impact, we do things a little differently and we continue to value what makes our ESL experience unique.

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In the Neighborhood

We bring the classroom to the neighborhood and meet adult learners where they are.

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In the School

We have classes in Metz Middle School and are so grateful for this partnership that allows for us to be walking distance from more affordable housing complexes.


Community Teachers Assistants

We hire Teachers Assistants from our higher level English classes.

The Journey

From English classes to baby showers for students who are expecting moms, we are committed to every part of this journey and so are our students! Sometimes the journey looks like staying after class to help a student write their rent check. Other times, it looks like just sitting with the student beside you and taking the moment to encourage them as a student, a mother, a spouse, a son, a daughter, a person with immeasurable value!


Celebrating Moments

We believe in creating community, not just a classroom!


Your Impact

Thank you to our donors who have made every celebrated moment a reality!

Forest Road

Moving Forward

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Legacy Impact is committed for the long-haul. Understanding a new language is not something that can be accomplished in a day, but the effects over time are monumental! To empower families to impact their own legacies will not occur outside of long-term commitment and Legacy Impact is committed. 

"At first I was afraid to speak English, but you all have helped me to learn so many words.  Now I understand them clearly and I am able to pronounce them correctly. I am so grateful for these classes. I hope that they continue."

"I am very happy to be participating in this English class. I am learning new words, losing my fears, and practicing English much more! This has been so helpful for me to come here and take these classes. Thank you!"

"I feel like these classes and the teachers are excellent. I studied at other schools where the teachers only spoke English and I didn't understand anything. But here, whenever I don't understand something you explain it so well. Now I feel good because I have learned a lot. The teaching that you all do is amazing. I hope you can invite more people to come!"

"I am a student in the English class and it's a joy for me to be able to participate. It's very advantageous for me as we learn lots of vocabulary, pronunciation, and it's helping me get rid of fears."

Student Testimonies 

Classroom Moments

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